These are the 15 newsletters every creator should subscribe to

These are the 15 newsletters every creator should subscribe to
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Subscribing to and reading newsletters is a great way to stay in the know about the latest trends, case studies, and industry updates in the creator world. But with so many newsletters out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are the most valuable.

To help, we’ve put together a list of 15 newsletters every creator should subscribe to. Learn more about what you’ll learn to see if each newsletter is right for you and your creator business.

1. Teachable

We of course can’t talk about newsletters for creators without mentioning our own newsletter “In The Know.” Since our entire platform was built to help creators thrive in the creator economy, our newsletter is fully dedicated to keeping you fully in the know.

Topics covered: Creator tips, inspiration, case studies, online business tips, Teachable product updates

Cadence: Weekly

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2. ThoughtLeaders

ThoughtLeaders is a company dedicated to helping brands, creators, and influencers find each other for partnership opportunities. They offer two weekly newsletters: one called Weekly Insights which shares data and insights about influencer marketing and branded content, and another called Creator Cheat Sheets which shares tips and business opps for creators.

Topics covered: Influencer marketing news, creator tips, brand opportunities

Cadence: Weekly

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3. The Publish Press

The Publish Press is a 3x weekly newsletter run by well-known creators​​ Colin and Samir. They have a popular YouTube channel and have been successful creators for several years. This newsletter talks about the latest creator news to keep those running creative businesses up-to-date with anything they need to know.

Topics covered: Recent creator news

Cadence: Three times a week

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4. Tubefilter

Tubefilter is an online publication sharing creator economy news and stories. Their newsletter pulls together top stories from each day to share with their subscribers. This includes stories like TikTok creating its own publishing company (thanks to BookTok’s success) and a creator making $15,000/month by streaming herself sleeping.

Topics covered: Creator news, top stories

Cadence: Daily

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5. Insider Creators

Insider Creators is a LinkedIn newsletter run by Amanda Perelli, the creator economy reporter at Business Insider. This newsletter is sent out weekly to subscribers but can also be viewed as LinkedIn articles. They cover creator news topics like Snapchat creators posting 100+ stories/day and experts to know in the creator economy.

Topics covered: The latest scoops, trends, and strategies in the creator economy

Cadence: Weekly

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6. The Information’s Creator Economy Newsletter

The Information is a publication that shares stories about the tech and business industry. Its Creator Economy Newsletter shares stories four times each week about the actual economical state of the creator industry. Topics include things like the surge of video podcasting or creators at Cannes.

Topics covered: Economical insights about the creator economy

Cadence: Four times a week

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7. Passionfruit

Passionfruit is another online blog and newsletter that focuses exclusively on content related to creators. From articles and newsletters about specific creators that are in the news to the latest events, there’s plenty of content to go through. Recent newsletters include news about VidCon 2023 and new “anti-creator” policies from Twitch.

Topics covered: Creator news and tips

Cadence: Two times a week

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8. Creator Science

Creator Science’s tagline is “Become a smart creator in 10 minutes per week.” By subscribing to Creator Science, you’ll get a weekly newsletter with interviews with successful creators, evidence-based advice, experiments the writer has made with his own business, tools he loves, and more.

Topics covered: Creator experiments, expert interviews, creator tips, useful tools

Cadence: Weekly on Sundays

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9. Create and Sell

Create and Sell is an email marketing-focused newsletter specifically for helping creators master email marketing and sell their products. Past issues have covered topics like making money from your newsletter and subscriber segmentation methods. If you’re looking to become better at email marketing for your creator business, this is the perfect newsletter for you.

Topics covered: Email marketing tips for creators

Cadence: Two times a week

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10. The Saturday Solopreneur

The Saturday Solopreneur is a short, weekly newsletter that comes every Saturday morning. It’s designed to be just a four-minute read with a single actionable tip for growing your business in each issue. Past topics have discussed how to sell yourself and how to get better followers.

Topics covered: Tips for growing your online business

Cadence: Weekly on Saturdays

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ICYMI (short for “in case you missed it”) is a weekly newsletter run by Lia Haberman sharing the latest news that you may have missed. Initially created for Lia’s UCLA students, she eventually opened it up for marketers and creators to also subscribe to. Being a Substack newsletter, Lia offers a paid version that comes with a Slack community, industry reports, and additional paid-only newsletters.

Topics covered: Social media news, platform updates, industry trends, creator insights

Cadence: Weekly on Fridays

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12. For The Interested

For The Interested is a unique newsletter. Monday through Friday, newsletter creator Josh Spector sends out a single-paragraph newsletter with tips for growing your creator business. Then on Sunday, he sends a full newsletter that includes links to tips from him and other creators.

Topics covered: Quick tips for building your creator  business

Cadence: Sunday through Friday

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13. Creator Weekly

Creator Weekly is a LinkedIn newsletter created and distributed by the LinkedIn VP, Daniel Roth. It focuses on creating content for LinkedIn, helping those publishing posts regularly to reach a wider audience.

Topics covered: LinkedIn creator tips, news, and insights

Cadence: Weekly

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14. Frootful Creator

Passionfroot is a company that helps creators secure sponsorships and collaborations. They have their own newsletter called the Frootful Creator which includes tips and carefully curated content about running and growing your creator business.

Topics covered: Creator tips, curated content for creators

Cadence: Weekly

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15. The Loaf

The Loaf, created by creatorbread, is a newsletter that focuses on money and business education for self-employed creators. Past newsletters have covered topics like paying off debt as a creator and personal finance for creatives.

Topics covered: Money tips for creators

Cadence: Weekly

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Get inspiration from these creator newsletters

Subscribe to these 15 newsletters to get the best creator insights you can. Then, start growing your own creator business. Use Teachable to help you launch your online course, digital products, and so much more.

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