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Consider one of these opt-in freebies to help build your mailing list

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With billions of emails sent daily, email marketing is still alive and thriving. In fact, it’s a must for connecting with your potential and current customers. Before you grow your email list, you have to figure out the perfect way to acquire subscribers in a genuine way. One effective method is to offer an opt-in freebie. (Reminder: An opt-in freebie is simply something of value that’s provided for free in exchange for a user’s email address.)

The mutually beneficial nature of an opt-in freebie, in some ways, can serve as a starting point to build relationships with leads. Offering something of value at no cost in hopes of converting those email subscribers to students is the ultimate goal. However, building a lasting relationship is much more valuable in the long run. If you need some clear ideas of how you can find the perfect opt-in freebie for your business, grab your notepad and take notes on what’s to come.

Grant access to an exclusive niche community or group

If there’s one thing we learned after more time at home in 2020, people thrive where they find community, even if it’s virtually. Create an online community that allows people to connect with you, tap into your expertise, and connect with other like-minded folks. The only catch (if you even want to refer to it as such) is users have to sign up for your email mailing for all the details. 

Invite subscribers to participate in a challenge

Challenges are another great way to create a sense of community. A challenge can be as long or short in time as you’d like. Much like other items on this list, challenges allow your email subscribers to get a dose of what you offer in paid courses (via automated emails) without them spending any money (at first). This is why a challenge makes for a great opt-in freebie.

Grant access to an exclusive video tutorial or live training

Generally, people retain more information when following a step-by-step video tutorial compared to other content mediums. That being said, creating a deep dive video on a topic you know your potential email list subscribers are interested in is a great opt-in freebie. Plus, you can grow your email list in the process.

Pro-tip: If creating a video or hosting a webinar isn’t your area of expertise, create a written mini-course focusing on a specific topic and provide free access to that instead. This still will give your members a taste of what your paid courses are like, so put your best foot forward to leave a remarkable impression. 

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Master your mini course creation

You know how to use opt-in freebies to build your mailing list. Another profitable way to grow your brand and increase your sales is to offer a mini-course. Get started today with our “mini course creation checklist.”

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Master your mini course creation

Provide a unique discount code

There are very few people who don’t like discounts. There’s something about getting more for less than most people find pretty gratifying. Offering discounts for your email list subscribers gives the same gratification and makes for a great opt-in freebie.

Pro-tip: When you’re promoting your online course, be sure to provide a friendly reminder about your special discount for email list subscribers. Create a sense of urgency by specifying the last day to sign up—this may push your audience to act quickly. 

Provide access to a “subscribers only” downloadable

Whether it’s a list of essential resources for your niche or templates, people love opt-in freebies that also save them time and effort. The opportunities are endless as far as what kind of opt-in freebie would be most enticing for your potential email list subscribers, so get creative.

Use your insights as an expert to determine what you should provide. Better yet: Ask your followers on social media. This may convert them from mere social followers to email subscribers and hopefully course students. Some other downloadables to consider are:

Author: Mika Robinson, Mika is a NYC-based lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. When she’s not creating content on her blog, astoldbymika.com, she’s somewhere in the digisphere writing content for your favorite platforms and go-to brands.