12 of our favorite free AI content generator tools to try

12 of our favorite free AI content generator tools to try
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Writing high-quality content consistently can be a major challenge, especially for brands on tight budgets or busy schedules. However, recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) have opened up exciting new possibilities through AI writing assistants.

These AI tools leverage advanced language models to understand context, conduct research, and generate stunningly coherent text on virtually any topic. In fact, data shows that 81% of marketing experts today believe that AI could potentially take over some content writing jobs in the future.

However, not all free AI writing tools are created equal. They can vary significantly in their feature sets, output quality, limitations, and ideal use cases. So, if you want to find the best AI content generator for your business needs, check out our list. 



What are AI content generator tools?

AI content generator tools are software that use artificial intelligence to automatically create various types of content such as email copy, blog posts, social media updates, and ads. These tools simplify content creation by allowing you to input basic details like keywords, which the software then uses to produce content relevant to the topic. 

They analyze large datasets to learn how to construct coherent and natural-sounding text on virtually any topic. With just some basic prompts or guidelines, the right AI tool can quickly generate draft content to use as a starting point or even full-fledged written pieces. 

State of the AI content tool market

The AI content tool market is growing rapidly. This is driven by increasing demand across various sectors, from marketing to healthcare and finance. 

In fact, the global artificial intelligence market is projected to expand significantly, with an expected market size of approximately $305.9 billion by the end of 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 28.46% from 2024 to 2030.

Generative AI is particularly influential. It makes it easy to create everything from text and images to complex simulations. This segment is forecasted to grow exponentially, potentially reaching a market size of $1.3 trillion by 2032.

AI tools are also becoming indispensable in content creation. Approximately 68% of businesses have reported increased returns on investment in content marketing due to AI integration. The technology is especially effective in automating routine tasks and generating data-driven content, which can substantially enhance productivity and creativity.

AI tools we'll focus on today (for written content)

Our main goal is to determine which free AI writing tools work best for different writing needs and budgets. Some tools may excel at blog drafts, while others are better for creative stories, finding the right expressions or trigger words, or overcoming writer's block.

That said, here are the top 12 tools we will discuss in this article: 

  1. Teachable – best course curriculum generator
  2. Claude – best for engaging conversations and creative writing
  3. Copy.ai – best all-around AI content generator
  4. Jasper – best for staying on brand
  5. Simplified – best for content creators
  6. Rytr – Versatile AI Writing Assistant
  7. Writesonic – best for marketing teams
  8. ContentBot – best AI tool for blogging
  9. ChatGPT –  Versatile AI-Language Model for Content Creation
  10. Buffer – Comprehensive Social Media Management Tool
  11. ContentShake by SEMrush (now part of ContentStudio) — best for optimizing blog content
  12. Anyword – best AI copy generator


How we selected this list of AI tools 

We considered several key criteria when selecting these tools to ensure that each tool meets a high standard of quality and functionality. Here are the criteria you can use if you want to test them yourself:

  1. Accuracy and factual correctness. The AI tools must generate precise and factually correct content. Start by evaluating the tools' ability to adhere to the facts and provide error-free information, which is crucial for maintaining credibility and trustworthiness in the generated content.
  2. Performance. Assess the tools based on their efficiency and ability to handle requests quickly and effectively. This includes evaluating their processing speed and capacity to handle a large volume of content generation without compromising quality.
  3. Value for money. Cost-effectiveness is another crucial factor. The selected tool needs to offer significant value for its price, providing a wide range of functionalities at a reasonable cost. This helps ensure that users get the most out of their investment in the tool.
  4. Security. Given the importance of data privacy and protection, the tools have to demonstrate robust security measures to protect user data and content. This involves secure data handling practices and compliance with relevant regulations to prevent data breaches and ensure user privacy.
  5. Features. The range and sophistication of features offered by the tools are also a major consideration. Tools that provide a comprehensive set of features, such as content optimization, SEO tools, and integration with other platforms, were prioritized to give users a versatile and powerful tool for content creation.
  6. User experience. Finally, the overall user experience was critically evaluated. This includes the tool's ease of use, the intuitiveness of the interface, and the quality of support provided to users. A positive user experience is essential for ensuring that users can effectively and efficiently utilize the tool to its fullest potential.

Best AI tool for creating digital products

Teachable – best course curriculum generator

Teachable is our top pick for the best AI course curriculum generator tool. It's ideal for online educators, experts, and anyone creating digital courses or training materials. 

Why Teachable? Its built-in AI writing capabilities are specifically designed to streamline and accelerate the curriculum creation process. This saves course creators valuable time compared to writing everything from scratch.

Teachable's AI generator is best suited for those who want to rapidly produce first drafts of lessons, modules, assignments, and other course components, which can then be polished and finalized before publishing.

Key features

  • Topic expansion. Just enter a few keywords about the subject you want to teach, and the AI will generate thorough lesson outlines and scripts fleshing out those topics.
  • Automated quizzes & assignments. Provide learning objectives, and Teachable's AI will construct practice quizzes, tests, worksheets, and coding assignments to reinforce the material.
  • Course workflow integration. The generated curriculums seamlessly integrate into Teachable's online course platform, making it easy to organize, market, and sell your AI-assisted courses.

What you get: A completely free plan


Claude – best for engaging conversations and creative writing

Claude AI, developed by Anthropic, is an advanced language model that excels in generating engaging, contextually relevant responses. It's particularly well-suited for creative writing tasks, brainstorming sessions, and interactive conversations. This AI writing assistant is designed to help writers and creators produce high-quality content that resonates with their audience.

You can use Claude to put together video script, outline digital product ideas, write email copy, and much more.

Key features

  • Advanced contextual understanding: Claude can process up to 200,000 words at a time, allowing it to maintain context over long interactions and generate detailed, cohesive content.
  • Multi-lingual capabilities: It supports multiple languages, enabling accurate translation and content creation for a global audience.
  • Several format input options: Claude can accept and summarize various file types, including PDFs, Word documents, and images, making it versatile for different content needs.

What you get: A free plan with a prompt limit + upgrade options

Copy.ai – best all-around AI content generator

Copy.ai stands out as the best all-around AI content generator thanks to its wide range of capabilities and ease of use. It is particularly useful for content creators who need quick, effective copy for various platforms.

You can use it to brainstorm blog post ideas, answer questions for your research, and even help write long-form blog content. Keep in mind the template library may be plentiful, but it’s not exactly equipped with data annotation, and you’ll have to customize your prompts to a certain degree.

Key Features

  • Multi-lingual capabilities. In addition to English, Copy.ai supports over 25 languages for added global content creation capabilities.
  • Advanced tone/style controls. Intuitive sliders let you precisely dictate the tone, creativity level, vocabulary, and other stylistic elements for the perfect on-brand voice.

What you get: 2,000 words free + other free AI tools

Jasper – best for staying on brand

Jasper is an AI content creation tool that focuses on nailing your brand voice so there’s little to no tweaking needed for the content style. Upload your brand voice details and use the AI tool to generate content that perfectly fits your brand style.

This helps cater Jasper’s AI content to ensure it works for your brand and isn’t generic content that could work for any company within your industry. You’ll still need to tweak the content and ensure it sounds human—but it should perfectly match your voice.

Key Features

  • Brand voice. It ensures your brand's tone of voice remains consistent across all content. You can train the AI to mimic your unique style by providing it with examples of your writing. Maintaining a consistent brand voice is essential for reinforcing your brand identity.
  • SurferSEO integration. It integrates with SurferSEO to enhance the SEO of your articles, helping improve your website's search rankings and increase traffic. 

What you get: 7 days free

Simplified – best for content creators

Simplified is an arsenal of several AI tools that help content creators build out a ton of content for their creative businesses. Not only does it create content, but it can also create images, presentations, and videos.

This can be extremely helpful for a busy content creator. Though the free trial doesn’t offer much content, it can be a great way to help creators determine whether this tool is worth paying for.

Key Features

  • AI design. With Simplified, you can tackle various graphic design projects, such as landing pages, posters, ads, and social media posts. This feature is user-friendly, even for those without graphic design experience.
  • Social media scheduling. Simplified also features tools for planning, tracking, and analyzing social media posts directly within its app interface, streamlining your social media management process.

What you get: 2,000 words free

Best AI tools for writing

Rytr – A Versatile AI Writing Assistant

Rytr is a completely free AI writing assistant designed to streamline the content creation process. 

This tool is ideal for those on a tight budget who require frequent content updates without the expense of hiring a content writer. While you can’t really source the data directly from a Microsoft 365 backup, the tool is particularly useful for startups and solo entrepreneurs who need to maximize their content marketing efforts economically.

Key Features

  • Language and tone customization. Users can tailor the AI's output to match the desired tone and style, ensuring that the content aligns with their brand identity. Rytr supports multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for global content strategies.
  • SEO optimization. Rytr includes built-in SEO tools that help users optimize their content for search engines right from the start. This feature is essential for businesses aiming to increase their online visibility and reach a broader audience.

What you get: Completely forever free

Writesonic – best for marketing teams

Writesonic is a great all-around option that works well for teams. It offers collaboration options so marketing teams can work together. Not only that, it also offers a “Photosonic” tool for AI image generation and a “Botsonic” tool for creating a no-code custom chatbot, making this tool the whole package.

Writesonic is particularly beneficial for marketing teams looking for rapid content creation across multiple channels. It's ideal for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence through compelling and persuasive marketing copy.

Key Features

  • Ad copy generation. Writesonic excels in generating creative and effective ad copy that captures attention and drives conversions. This feature is crucial for marketing teams looking to boost their campaigns' performance quickly.
  • Tailored brand voice. Writesonic provides options to customize the writing style to match a brand’s voice, ensuring all content is aligned with the company's identity. This feature supports brand consistency, which is vital for building trust and recognition in competitive markets.

What you get: 10,000 words/month

ContentBot – best AI tool for blogging

ContentBot is a great AI tool for blogging, but one of its best features is its ability to help teams create workflows. ContentBot can be used to help automate and create your team’s entire content marketing workflow—content creation included.

This tool is ideal for bloggers, digital marketers, and freelance writers who need to produce high-quality, engaging blog content regularly.

Key Features

  • Auto-complete writing assistant. ContentBot features an advanced auto-complete function that helps writers by suggesting text as they type, significantly speeding up the writing process and helping to overcome writer's block.
  • Rich content templates. With a variety of templates specifically designed for blogging, users can easily create structured posts that are optimized for reader engagement and SEO. These templates cover a wide range of blogging needs, from how-to articles to listicles and reviews.

What you get: 5,000 words free

ChatGPT – A Versatile AI-Language Model for Content Creation

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a versatile AI language model chosen for its ability to generate human-like text and handle a wide range of tasks. It is particularly well-suited for individuals and businesses looking for a powerful tool to assist with content creation, customer support, and various other text-based applications.

Key Features

  • Versatility in applications. ChatGPT can be used for a wide range of applications, including content creation, customer support, language translation, and even coding assistance. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for various industries and use cases.
  • Personalization and contextual understanding. ChatGPT can remember user preferences and context from previous interactions, allowing it to provide more personalized and relevant responses. This feature enhances user experience by making interactions more intuitive and tailored to individual needs.

What you get: Unlimited use of the GPT-3.5 model 40 prompts/3 hours + the ability to expand later on

Best AI tool for social media marketing

Buffer – A Comprehensive Social Media Management Tool

Buffer is a comprehensive social media management tool chosen for its ability to streamline content creation, scheduling, and analytics. It is particularly well-suited for small businesses, social media managers, and marketing teams who need to maintain a consistent and engaging online presence across multiple platforms.

Key Features

  • AI-powered content creation and scheduling. It can create personalized posts tailored to different social media platforms, ensuring that the content is optimized for each channel’s unique requirements.
  • Data-driven insights and analytics. Buffer provides detailed analytics on social media post performance, including engagement rates, reach, and follower growth.

What you get: 14-day free trial

ContentShake by SEMrush (now part of ContentStudio) — best for optimizing blog content

ContentShake is an AI tool powered by the SEO tool SEMrush, so it only makes sense that it works well for helping companies create optimized content. Start by inputting your topic or idea to generate a good keyword and a few blog topic ideas based on that keyword.

You can then work with the AI tool to create an optimized blog post by both writing and using AI-generated content to build out the blog post.

Key Features

  • SEO-Driven content suggestions. ContentShake provides users with data-driven suggestions to optimize their content. This includes keyword recommendations, readability improvements, and backlink opportunities, ensuring that each blog post is primed for search engine success.
  • Content performance analysis. It offers comprehensive analytics that tracks the performance of blog posts. Users can see how their content is performing in real-time, with insights into metrics like page views, time on page, and bounce rates, enabling them to make informed adjustments.

What you get: 7 days free

Anyword – best AI copy generator

Anyword is an AI writer that can help you create social media captions, write blog content, improve existing content, or anything else you want to write. It offers templates and tools for preset content as well as the option to write a prompt for anything else you need to write.

Similar to Jasper, you can also input your brand voice information in order to get content catered to your specific brand. Remember that, as with any AI content, you’ll need to make edits in order to ensure it’s quality content that sounds like a human wrote it.

Key Features

  • Predictive performance scores. Anyword stands out by offering predictive performance scores for the generated copy, helping users gauge the effectiveness of their text before it goes live. This feature is based on data from millions of advertising campaigns and is instrumental in maximizing conversion rates.
  • Audience-specific customization. Anyword enables users to adapt their messaging to target specific demographics or audience segments. This customization enhances the relevance of the copy, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

What you get: 7 days free

Pros and Cons of using generative AI

Generative AI comes with a range of benefits and challenges that impact various industries and creative processes. Here are some of the common ones: 


  • Enhanced creativity and innovation. Generative AI can assist in creating new forms of art, music, and writing, pushing the boundaries of traditional creativity. It provides tools that can generate novel ideas and designs, which can be particularly beneficial in fields such as digital art, music production, and content creation​​.
  • Efficiency and automation. This technology automates repetitive tasks, significantly speeding up processes like content generation, data analysis, and even software development. This can lead to cost savings and increased productivity for businesses​.
  • Personalization. Generative AI excels in delivering personalized content and recommendations at scale, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction in sectors like marketing and customer service​.


  • Quality control and data dependence. The output quality of generative AI is heavily reliant on the input data it is trained on. Poor or biased data can lead to inaccurate or unethical outputs, including content that may perpetuate stereotypes or spread misinformation.
  • Ethical and legal issues. There are significant concerns regarding the ethical use of generative AI, especially related to deepfakes, copyright infringements, and the generation of misleading information. These issues also raise legal challenges concerning intellectual property rights and the potential for privacy violations​​.

Is using AI tools worth it?

Using AI tools can significantly boost efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, reducing human error, and operating continuously without the need for breaks. This makes AI useful in many areas, including marketing, data analysis, and content creation. 

While they are not a complete substitute for human capabilities, these tools can help you in many ways, including your content creation journey. For instance, an AI content generator can help you draft out your course curriculum, outline a blog post, find the right topics, get you out of writer’s block, and so much more. 

Learn more about Teachable’s curriculum generator and how you can get started with your first online course.


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