Build your course curriculum with AI

Introducing Teachable’s course curriculum generator.

Unblock yourself. Get creative. Build faster.

All in one place

It’s the power of AI—now inside your Teachable experience. With the curriculum generator, get your course outline then start building on it right away.

Creativity, minus the writer's block

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part—until now. Just follow these steps

Step 1: Name your course

When naming your new course, check "Help me generate a course outline."

Step 2: Get your outline

Enter a brief description of your course. The generator will create an outline for you in just a few moments.

Step 3: Make it yours

Keep the momentum going. Use our flexible curriculum builder to rearrange, edit, and make it yours.

Harness the power of AI

Our course curriculum generator is about working smarter, not harder.

Your starting point

Even experts sometimes struggle with translating their expertise into a course. The curriculum generator is designed to help.

Your starting point
Build from there

Build from there

Your AI-powered curriculum gives you an idea of what your course could look like. You can customize however you want—have fun with it!


How exactly does it work?

It’s easy. The course curriculum generator incorporates AI directly into Teachable. From your course admin, enter your course title and select an author, check “Help me generate a course outline,” and enter a course description between 1–1,000 characters. Once the outline is generated, you’ll have the option to drop the outline directly into the curriculum builder and edit from there—or start again with a new course description.

What makes Teachable’s AI tool different?

We designed the course curriculum generator to help you work more effectively—that’s why it’s integrated into the platform. Your AI-generated course outline is uploaded into the curriculum builder so you can use it immediately.

Who can use this feature?

Anyone on any Teachable plan, including the free plan. (Is that not you? Join for free here.)

Why else should I join a free plan?

A free plan on Teachable allows you to start growing your business by selling online knowledge products—not just courses, but online coaching and digital downloads too. Get access to payment processing, course design templates, core student engagement tools, and more.