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There are a million ways to grow your audience online. However, they aren’t all created equally. Our favorite way to grow an audience is through lead magnet creation. More specifically, we like creating a mini course to give away as a lead magnet. Simply put: Mini courses are shorter online courses that take two hours or less to complete. What’s more, they’ll cover a very specific topic, and are usually used as a marketing tool or funnel.

But the best part of mini courses? They’re quick to create and are often made from repurposed content you’ve already published. To make the process even easier, we created a mini course creation guide walking you through creating your first mini course, start to finish.

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Create your mini course one step at a time:

  • Get a simple, clear checklist to create your course
  • Choose your course topic and define your target audience
  • Keep track of your course creation progress
  • Make a marketing plan for your mini course

Before you get started, keep in mind: The key to creating a mini course is to keep it mini.

So many creators end up giving away courses that could be stand-alone products that sell for hundreds of dollars. And while it’s generous to give away all of that info for free, our goal is to help you make money online—not give away your value for free.

Creating a mini course is quite formulaic, too:

  • Create one section in a Teachable course
  • Add course information as text lessons
  • Provide a valuable download
  • Include images to your text if necessary
  • Use only one section, and don’t add more than 5–7 steps

With that in mind, make sure to download our mini course creation guide above. You’re now ready to get started working your way through creating your own mini course.

Author: Morgan Timm, Morgan Timm is a content marketer with a background in blogging and social media. She runs Mostly Morgan, a life and style blog that reaches an audience of 40,000 people monthly.