How to teach math online with Teachable

How to teach math online with Teachable

As an online educator, having the best tools to provide top-notch education to your students is crucial. That’s especially true when teaching a complex subject like math. Since it’s one of the most important subjects to teach and potentially one of the most profitable, having the ideal platform and resources could let you make more money and see greater success as an online teacher.

This article will explain how to teach math online using Teachable – the world’s best online teaching platform, bar none.


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What software can I use to teach math online?

There are plenty of software platforms you can use to teach math online. Examples include Khan Academy, IXL, and Desmos.

But overall, Teachable is the best online course platform you can leverage for your budding teaching career. Unlike other teaching software platforms, Teachable allows you to build, edit, and expand your course offerings over time.

Whether you want to teach your students math skills at the elementary, high school, or college level, Teachable makes it easy. Using this platform, you can create and provide:

  • Online math tutoring for individual students and apprenticeships
  • Virtual math lessons that your students can watch and enjoy at their own paces
  • Personalized learning experiences to teach students how to solve problems better
  • Math games, which are great for students learning new math subjects, etc.

On top of that, Teachable lets you grow your remote math teaching business and earn a profit. That’s because it’s a comprehensive platform with payment portals, marketing tools, and much more.

In short, Teachable is the best choice to teach mathematics online, especially if you wish to teach math skills in the long term and not just as a side business or secondary source of income.

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Using Teachable: One of the best tools for teaching math online

At its core, Teachable is a course creation and hosting platform that gives online educators like you all the tools they need to:

Let’s look at how to teach math online using this platform.

Build a new course with no coding experience

First, you should use Teachable’s complete set of course builder tools. On Teachable, you don’t need any coding or programming experience to get started. Instead, you can build a complete online school and course in just minutes, provided you already have the content you want to post online ready to go.
If you don’t, Teachable even allows you to bootstrap a course in a simple Powerpoint-esque format. This is a great way to test your online teaching skills and decide how you want to provide your educational materials to your students. Note that you can use different teaching styles and content types depending on your preferences and your students’ needs.

Upload content, then tweak and edit

Next, upload your content to the Teachable platform. Teachable uses a very simple, intuitive drag-and-drop builder tool, and you can use this to upload:

  • Educational videos
  • Audio files
  • Course templates
  • Math guides, etc.

Teachable allows you to create a customized, unique course unlike any other online math software you may have come across. Uploading your content doesn’t take too long, and you can fill out a complete course catalog in no time.

Take advantage of personalization options

At this stage, you should make your online math course more notable and customized. Fortunately, Teachable lets you add personal touches to the mix through easy-to-use customization tools, with no necessary tech skills on your part.

You can change the format, aesthetic, color scheme, and other elements of your online course and learning materials with the touch of a few buttons. Even better, you can use the AI course curriculum generator tool to generate new course ideas and inspire creativity.

That last tool can be particularly handy for experienced educators looking for ways to expand their online course offerings.

Integrate apps

You still aren’t done. Teachable allows you to integrate many of the popular apps you may already know and love into your course platform. These include Google Analytics, Zapier, MailChimp, etc.

These integrations work perfectly with your online course offerings, letting you gather data about your students, send out email marketing newsletters, and so much more. The Teachable public API can automate your workflow and make growing your online teaching business easier and more streamlined, even with no employees.

Leverage secure payments

Sooner or later, you need to get paid for your efforts. With Teachable:pay, you can automatically get paid for your courses, manage your payouts, and benefit from fraud protection simultaneously. We offer tax-inclusive pricing and even global currency conversions, so you can acquire students from around the globe seeking out your math teaching experience.

Even better, if you upgrade to a Teachable Pro or Business plan, you won’t have any transaction fees. This secure payment solution is more than just a standard payment gateway: it’s a full-on payment tool you can use to grow your business from start to finish.

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How much can you make teaching math online?

While teaching math online isn’t one of the most profitable hobbies that make money, you can make a decent living, particularly once you build up a strong reputation. According to ZipRecruiter, online math teachers earn approximately $67,000 per year, though note that this is for teachers employed by academies or public schools.

On the other hand, according to Indeed online math teachers earn anywhere between $25 and $50 per hour. Once you’ve built up a loyal client base, you can offer your students virtual math tutoring services on top of your online courses. Being an online tutor will allow you to set your own rates and earn more money.
Plus, to better balance your income, you can then use invoice factoring services. One of the advantages of invoice factoring is that you can get your invoices paid quicker, meaning you will have more available funds to invest in improving your course and services.

Teachable makes it easy for you to grow your business over time. You can start with a single free course, so you don’t have to pay a dime. Then, you can have up to five courses on Teachable by joining an affordable Basic plan. Both the Pro and Business plans give you the option to launch and maintain unlimited online courses and let you use things like custom domains.

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Wrap up

Teachable makes it easy for you to become an online tutor for math students. Take advantage of Teachable’s many tools and easy-to-customize course creation software with a free account today. Then, after your first batch of students, expand your options and build even more online courses to take your teaching business to a new level.

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