Use our sales page template to help create your own

Use our sales page template to help create your own
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Creating your sales page can feel overwhelming. But our sales page template can help take some of the pressure off. Use our template to structure your own Teachable sales page.

We worked to break down everything that would be in your sales page. And how to structure it too. Now you’ll know where to include your instructor bio, your various call-to-action buttons, and even where to include your student testimonials.

The template covers everything from start to finish. Follow our guide to creating a sales page that converts so you see the most success possible with your Teachable school. This is a tried and tested formula so you can create your sales page with confidence.

Remember that your sales page will benefit from having personal touches. You can even add some custom sales page blocks to make it your own. They include blocks for highlighting multiple creators or personal letters. These can be great for showing that other students have found your course helpful. Or for highlighting any business partners you have helping with your course as well.


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