Is X still a valid platform for creators?

Is X still a valid platform for creators?
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Social platforms regularly face a slew of government regulations, creator backlash, and data usage debates, but X (formerly known as Twitter), may be taking the word ‘controversy’ to a whole new level.

The platform has seen major changes since Elon Musk bought it for $44 billion in April 2022. Not everyone is thrilled with these changes, to say the least.

Here’s just a handful of the headline-worthy changes X has recently faced…

  • A new pay-to-tweet model that allegedly comes as a solution to "curb the relentless onslaught of bots" 
  • Platform restrictions in Brazil, Pakistan, and Australia for unhinged content and user accounts
  • Misreported brand-safety ratings from DoubleVerify
  • Over 30% decrease in market value and billions lost since Musk’s takeover
  • Advertisers rapidly leaving or decreasing spending on the platform
  • Elon is being sued for more than $500 million in unpaid severance after laying off over 1,000 employees.

For Creators, the stakes are high as they face a new reality where visibility comes with a price tag—both to their wallets and their reputations.

So does that mean that creators should avoid X at all costs? Well, maybe. One thing is for sure: Creators need to be in the know and leverage the changes to stay ahead.

In this article, we’ll unpack some of the most vital changes and challenges X has been facing and explain what you need to know about growing your audience on X.

A brief overview of the X-travaganza

Here’s what you need to know about the significant shifts that are reshaping X and what they mean for you as a creator.

You may need to pay to Tweet

Elon has been floating around the idea of requiring users to pay to Tweet for several months, but a recent rise in bot accounts has pushed him to take action. New users on X will need to pay $1 per year to post, reply, like, and bookmark Tweets.

While the fee is almost minor for most users, it marks a significant departure from the traditionally free access that social media users are accustomed to. 

This move might deter new creators and casual users from joining X, potentially reducing the diversity of voices and content. 

For you, this could mean less competition and a more select type of audience that agrees with—or at least tolerates—the changes on the platform.

X is in the middle of several government regulation challenges

On top of the new fees, X is facing legal and regulatory challenges in several countries. 

Recent bans and restrictions Pakistan, Brazil, and Australia are particularly troublesome if you've cultivated a following in these regions. 

These bans not only restrict your content's reach but also complicate engagement with a segment of your global audience. 

Adapting might mean finding new ways to connect with these followers outside X or using other platforms to maintain your presence in these areas.

Advertisers are spending less on X

The financial health of X has been rocked not just by a declining user base but also by a significant retreat of advertisers. 

After misreported brand-safety metrics by DoubleVerify came to light, showing a lower safety rate than actual, many advertisers reduced their spending or left the platform entirely. 

This reduction affects the platform's revenue and could lead to fewer resources for creator support and innovation. 

A steep decline in market value by over 30% signals a lack of confidence in X's direction and management under Musk's leadership. 

For creators, this volatility suggests that investing heavily in X might come with risks, including reduced platform support and potential instability. 

Diversifying your social media presence can help lower these risks, ensuring that changes at X have less impact on your overall online presence and income.

Next steps: Strategies for savvy creators

X’s latest changes don’t have to be doom-and-gloom for you as a creator. 

Here are a few ideas for you if you already have an audience on X or if you’re just starting out:

For creators who are already using X

Get more cozy with your audience: You've worked hard to build your audience; now it's time to deepen those connections. Consider more direct communication methods, like newsletters or exclusive content on other platforms that your audience can follow without interruption.

Monetize creatively: With ad revenues potentially dwindling, look to diversify your income. Think about direct sponsorships, launching paid subscription models, or using X to drive traffic to monetizable platforms like Teachable, where you can sell courses directly related to your X content. Learn how you can create a new stream of income by creating and selling an online course on X.

Check out the latest features: Despite its issues, X continues to roll out features to enhance user and creator experiences. If you qualify, tap into free premium features that could help expand your reach and refine your audience engagement.

For creators who are new to X

Evaluate the cost-to-benefit ratio: Given the new pay-to-tweet model, it is crucial to decide if potential reach and engagement on X justify the cost. Start small, test the waters with minimal investment, and track your ROI closely. Consider testing out similar platforms like Threads.

Build your audience across multiple platforms: Don’t put all your eggs in the X basket. Establish your presence on multiple platforms to safeguard against sudden policy changes or platform instability. Exploring rising platforms like LinkedIn can be beneficial.

Check out our article on the recent growth of LinkedIn as a creator platform.

Capitalize on niches: X's shifting landscape might deter broader audiences, but niche communities may become more vibrant. Tailor your content to these specific groups to build a dedicated follower base quickly.

As we watch how X evolves, remember that the core of your strategy should focus on audience engagement and content value, which are pivotal regardless of platform changes.

So, what's the verdict? Is X still a valid platform for creators? The answer isn't as straightforward as a simple yes or no. 

As with any platform change, creators need to keep a keen eye, a steady hand, and perhaps a bit more courage than before. But where there is change, there is an opportunity to grow your impact and income.

Start by identifying the audience that you’re excited to serve with this free worksheet.

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