Your website, powered by Teachable

Your website is your business’s homebase. Build one on Teachable in minutes—no design or coding expertise required.

Your website, powered by Teachable

Everything you need for your website

With powerful customizations, responsive design, a simple drag-and-drop page builder, and more, you can bring your website to life on Teachable.

Simple, no-code platform

No coding or design skills? No problem. Websites are easy to build on Teachable with our intuitive page builder.

Customizable to your brand

Make your website, well, yours. Modify theme, colors, fonts, and more. Use custom CSS to customize even further.

Customizable to your brand
Everything in one place

Everything in one place

Manage custom domains and subdomains, add website collaborators, and host your videos all on Teachable.

Any page you need

Our site builder doesn’t limit you; build landing pages to collect email leads, sales pages to convert traffic, about pages, contact pages, and more.


Make your page more discoverable by adjusting details in the SEO section of your page editor.


Your website content will automatically resize based on the device or size of the browsing window.

Custom domains

No need for a “.teachable” in your URL. On any paid plan, you can connect a custom root domain.

Code snippets

Use code snippets to add app integrations, make advanced customizations, and more.

Live preview

See what they see. Review what your site looks like from an admin, student, or public view.

Email capture

Set up email forms to collect leads which will then be automatically sent to your leads list.

Power editor

Customize your school’s templates and add custom code (available on the Business plan).


Seamlessly integrate your favorite third-party analytics or marketing tools to build your business your way.

Mark Smiley
Quation Mark
The platform is super simple: drag and drop. You don’t have to be a coder so it’s easy to test something out. Teachable has given me the tools to turn an idea into the reality of being my own boss and making a passion sustainable.”
Mark Smiley
Mountain Sense
Jess Murnane
Quation Mark
I thought that, maybe, I could create a course. But I also had no idea how to build a course from scratch, and I knew I didn’t have the money to invest in someone who did. After a quick search, I found Teachable—and all of a sudden, everything felt possible.”
Jess Murnane
Know Your Endo
Kelly Casanova
Quation Mark
I looked at many class hosting websites and kept coming back to Teachable as the best option. Personally, I like the clean, professional look of Teachable schools. I liked that I could start out on low pricing, which meant low risk, and I loved the autonomy for me as the creator.”
Kelly Casanova
The Online Weaving School


What does it cost to create a site?

You can create your website on Teachable for free. Upgrade to a paid plan for additional benefits like unlimited video hosting, custom domains, removable Teachable branding, and more.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes. On any paid plan, you can connect a custom domain to your Teachable site.

I already have a website—is Teachable still right for me?

Yes! It’s easy to connect a pre-existing site to your courses and products on Teachable. They can even share the same root domain.

Do I need to know how to code?

Not at all. Our intuitive page builder is easy for anyone to use. But if you do have coding skills (or want to hire a more advanced coder), you could benefit from code snippets, custom CSS, and more advanced customization capabilities on a Business plan.

Can anyone help me build my site?

Yes. On paid plans, Teachable lets you add additional authors (aka, your collaborators or employees) that can help you build your site. Need help finding a collaborator? Teachable experts are available to help you build and grow your online business.

Create your website for free on Teachable today.