Community has arrived at Teachable. Now one login unlocks the most engaging learning experience on the Internet for you and your students.

Spark something deeper with powerful student-to-student connections

Teachable community combines learning with authentic connection in one simple interface—other community platforms can’t offer that. Now you can bring students together to interact with each other (and with you), get questions answered, and deepen their overall engagement.

A professional-looking home for all your learning products

Community on Teachable lets you create more immersive and meaningful moments for your students that go beyond the course curriculum. Because what’s good for your students is good for your business.

Escape the algorithm

With Teachable community, conversation happens in a forum that you control. Your students won’t be distracted by the rest of their newsfeed. And even better, students who choose to forgo social media all together don’t have to miss out on your community.

Say goodbye to excess software

Your tech stack is already, well, stacked. You don’t need to add to it. Now Teachable can host your learning products and your community—with one login for both.

Engage with your students
Spark conversations and connect with your students

Put conversation at the center

Some of the best learning outcomes come from lively discussion. Community allows students to spark conversation and genuinely connect, putting them in the driver's seat for a more enriching learning experience.

Boost value (and your bottom line)

Community provides an added benefit to your students. That gives you a sound reason to raise your course prices and, in turn, boost your average order value.

Drive income and impact with community, courses, coaching, and digital products on one simple-to-use platform

How to make community work for you

Build a thriving community with these best practices and tips.

Engaging your course community with purpose

Engaging your course community with purpose

Learn engagement tips for retaining students, how to spark meaningful conversations, and more.

21 ways to grow an online community

21 ways to grow an online community

Here’s an in-depth list of ways to grow a thriving online community (and in turn, your business).


How much does it cost to build a community?

Community is included on all paid Teachable plans for no additional cost—which helps you save money on additional software.

Can I sell access to my community?

Yes, you can sell exclusive access to your community using memberships and foster long-term relationships with a paying audience. If you have multiple membership tiers, you can customize which ones have access to your community.

What can I sell on Teachable, besides courses?

In addition to courses, you can sell digital downloads, one-to-one coaching services, and online memberships on Teachable. You can also package products together to sell as bundles.

Can I build a community on a Teachable free plan?

No, community is only available on paid plans. However, a free plan is still a great way to explore and get started on Teachable. You’ll have the ability to create and sell up to one course, coaching service, and digital download.

Community has arrived at Teachable