What does building a Teachable course really look like?

Caitlin Miller

| Nov 30, 2020

The skills of Teachable creators may run the gamut, but the commonality they all share is the ease with which they’re able to create and launch courses or coaching on the Teachable platform

Because we’re visual learners over here at Teachable—and we have a feeling you just might be too, we’re showing exactly what launching courses or coaching on Teachable can look like. We're showing you some of the best Teachable course examples that show just how easy it is to customize your course to showcase your unique skills and achieve your specific business goals.

We’re breaking down some of the best courses and schools on Teachable and showing you exactly what elements you’ll need to launch a successful online knowledge business.

Carve out a visual identity

Your sales page may be what makes you money and your course content may be what fuels your students, but your homepage on Teachable is your time to show the world exactly who you are.

In addition to being the homebase that connects your audience to your courses, the homepage is also a great time to introduce your brand’s identity. It’s when you set the tone for your whole business and introduce customers to your offerings.


This homepage from creator Amanda Overs of I Can Make Shoes leaves no question to customers as to what they’re going to get by taking one of Amanda’s courses. You know exactly the skills you’ll receive through a course on I Can Make Shoes.


What’s more, it shows the I Can Make Shoes brand identity — minimal, sleek, and modern — clearly and explicitly through videos, visuals, and testimonials.


Here, not only do you get a clear visual of representation of what you’ll get with Soccer Homework Academy, but you also see how the creator sets up their homepage to show value in the membership functionality.

But establishing a visual identity isn’t the only purpose of your homepage on Teachable. It also shares your offerings. The IO Music Academy utilizes their homepage to showcase the various options they have: live courses, recorded courses, and bundles.



Product Marketing Alliance showcases both branding and clean, detailed offerings on their homepage.



Each of these creator homepages may look entirely different, and that’s kind of the point. At Teachable, we know that each creator has a unique goal with their business. That’s why each course and each school should look different.


That’s also why we built a platform that lets you customize your students’ entire course and coaching journey from homepage to course layout and beyond. 

  • Establish your brand identity with themes, logos, fonts, imagery, even custom code the way you envision it. 
  • Sell your skills the way you want to with memberships, subscriptions, bundles, upsells, and more. 
  • Integrate coaching, schedulers, and payments the way that makes sense to you. It’s your business after all. 

We’ll walk you through how to handle all the logistics when you’re ready.

Hone skills and build content your way

The two go hand in hand if you ask us. Because you’ve spent so much time honing your skills in your field, you’ve already built up everything you need to launch a course or coaching product on Teachable, whether you realize it or not.

We’ve got everything you need to narrow down your course topic here and we’ll walk you through the importance of a niche knowledge here, but it’s important to remember that not every idea has to be fully organized and polished off to a T before starting with Teachable. (You can learn more about the value of a pre-sale for motivating you to create content here if you’re already ready to dive in.)

The way in which you build out your content will be unique to you and what makes sense for your course or school. 

Will you opt for a subscription model and release content weekly? Perhaps, you’re an all-at-once type who wants to put out everything you’ve got for students to tackle at their own pace. Or perhaps you’re a coach who is ready to jump in immediately and start setting up one-on-ones with clients to gain feedback and insight in order to create your flagship course.

There is no perfect formula because every formula you choose gets you to the end.

The matter of content creation

There may not be one single route to get to a launch, but there is one piece of the puzzle that every creator has to put in place: content.

On Teachable, a course is made of sections and lectures. Sections contain groupings of lectures while lectures are structured, informational units that can feature text, files, video, and images. But how each creator chooses to create, organize, and sell their content is entirely different and unique.

Schools with one main flagship course like these from motivational speaker Haley Hoffman Smith and photographer Kimberly Murray, respectively, break down their offerings and content into videos, workbooks, and visuals.





Whereas Lama Rod Owens opted for a combination of live sessions, access to a community, and recorded course videos to deliver his content.



And if coaching is your speed, we have three ways you can take advantage of the coaching product on the Teachable platform:

  • Quick consultations for quick feedback or sessions typically with existing customers
  • Coaching packages for a set duration of time
  • Premium coaching for a bit of both of the above

Coaching on Teachable lets you sync up with clients how you see fit, communicate with them seamlessly, create milestones like tasks, action items, check-in points, or events.

Sure, every creator has to, well, create, but the method by which you deliver your content is entirely up to you. Videos, images, workbooks, checklists, e-books, emails, weekly, monthly, daily check-ins, one-on-one coaching — we leave the fun stuff up to you.

Relax, we got you.

Consider this your back-pocket guide. To help get your journey to launching your first course started, we created this Create Your First Course Checklist to help you every step of the way.

Close the deal with your unique sales page

No Teachable course is complete without a sales page that drives it all home. And when it comes to your sales page, our page editor makes it easy for you to drag and drop new content blocks in different formats to highlight the outcome of your course, testimonials, FAQs, and more.

Because knowledge-based businesses are all about the power of transformation, it’s important to take advantage of what that means to you and your business.

  • What can you offer?
  • What will your students walk away with?
  • How can you showcase this transformation?

For the PaleOMG Power Sculpt course, this sales page is all about transformation and inspiration. Creator Juli Bauer Roth leans into the power of testimonials, results, and action on her sales page to showcase her program’s content.



Sometimes a sales page is just the kicking off point for more sales. For the Basic Filmmaker University mini-course on the Mindset of a Video Editor, the goal is to attract the right audience with a simple and sweet intro course that will hopefully lead to an upsell or purchase of more courses.



But it’s not just the look of your course curriculum, homepage, and sales page that you have the ability to make your own, you can control the pricing plans for your courses as well. Teachable offers: free, a one-time purchase, a subscription model, and payment plans — each one with their own benefits.



  • As seen above with Alan Parsons' courses, the free course option is ideal for presenting your knowledge and teaching style to potential students then utilizing them for possible testimonials or lead nurtures.
  • Offering your course at a single price is perhaps the easiest choice. But here you even have the option to customize and test by offering multiple pricing tiers like below on Hom Sweet Hom’s lettering class.


  • A subscription model like the below option from pastry chef Nicolas Botomisy’s all-access course is ideal if you’re going to be uploading content frequently.


  • And lastly, a payment plan method allows you to set up a payment plan over a set number of months and establish how much customers need to pay during this period.

The easiest free trial there is.

No credit card. No crazy commitment. Just you, taking the first step to launch your course. Start your free trial today.

Toss the cookie cutters aside

There is no perfect mold or single-track path to success on Teachable.

Because we believe that each creator’s unique POV and offerings are exactly what will make them successful, we built a platform that allows creators to tap into that individuality and craft a business that works for them.

We don’t buy into quick schemes and we don’t expect you to be a tech wiz. Teachable is built around selling your know-how easily, uploading your content seamlessly, and launching your knowledge business exactly how you envision it regardless of your business or tech skills. Payouts, taxes, affiliates, authors, we’ve got those handled, too.



Regardless of if you’re teaching handpan master classes or helping students realize their dream of moving overseas and making money along the way, there’s a way to do it on Teachable. No matter what your calling may be, there’s a way to break free from the traditional business mold, share your knowledge, and get paid along the way.

Every creator topic has found a home on Teachable.

How have you built the courses or coaching business you dreamed on Teachable? Share your thoughts below.

Flex your creativity.

Go on and show us what you've got. Teachable's platform makes it easy to get started immediately. Oh yeah, and it's free to start.

Caitlin Miller is the Editorial Strategist at Teachable. In her spare time, she's often found listening to vinyl records, buying too many house plants, and enjoying a run on the streets of Brooklyn.