5 tips to make yourself stand out in the creator economy

5 tips to make yourself stand out in the creator economy
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The creator economy has never been more accessible. And sometimes it can feel quite saturated with creators making new content, publishing, and launching new ventures all the time. So how do you make sure that your products as a creator actually stand out? Whether it’s a course, one-on-one coaching, or a digital download there are a few tips to make you stand out.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a trend of reconnecting with creativity. The Great Resignation has encouraged us to pursue the things we’ve always been passionate about but maybe didn’t have the time for. This is one of the reasons the creator economy keeps growing. Growing by up to 165 million people in the last two years, to be exact.

The question now is, how do you build a business when there seem to be so many creators these days?

There will always be space for you

Your biggest asset in the creator economy is that your audience wants to learn from you. They will look for your products to learn your expertise from you specifically. This means there will always be room for you and your products in the creator economy.

Your mindset plays a vital role in this. No matter how many creators launch courses every day, no matter how many new digital products become available for download, your work, your message, and your approach to things will always be welcome. Because no one has created and launched it the way you do. The more you remind yourself of this, the less intimated you’ll be.

The importance of choosing the right digital product to launch

Before diving deep into launching and ensuring your programs will stand out, let’s first explore the digital products you can create.

Chances are, you have expertise in something that makes you feel ready to offer online coaching. Whether you coach about a certain topic, are a business coach, or a career coach, you can find your niche. There are so many things you can help people with, you just have to find the one you’re good at and passionate about. Or maybe an online course would be the right way for you to offer your expertise. You can after both of these products on Teachable. And both can be great entry points into the creator economy. You can even use our course outline tool to get your course up and running more quickly.

Digital downloads are another product you might choose to launch. They can take the form of e-books, templates, worksheets, audio, trackers, and more. If you can come up with it, you can share its value and earn from it.


5 tips to make sure your products stand out

1. Build a presence on social media

Building your brand on social media opens up the opportunity for you to better define your brand and for others to get familiar with it too. Things will change; you’ll learn more about your target audience and clients and discover other ways you want to approach your marketing. Nothing is final, especially when you’re still starting out. And social media is a great platform to better get to know your brand and yourself as a creative entrepreneur.

Invest time and effort in building a presence on social media. You don’t have to post every day but you do have to post consistently and build on that. Share stories regularly or go do a quick live video every now and then. Tell stories and connect with your people. Focus on helping your audience rather than selling. And finally, trust that your genuine efforts will lead to sales.

2. Put out content that encourages audience engagement

Whether it’s a blog post or social media content, your goal is to always encourage audience engagement. Your digital products won’t sell themselves, so every piece of content you publish must help move the needle. If that’s a blog post, it should be a valuable one. You want your audience to feel like they’re getting something out of it and that they want to share it. If that’s a social media post, make sure you have solid CTAs (calls to action) and valuable posts that encourage conversation in the comments section. Likes and shares are not enough, make it a point to put out content that encourages conversation and engagement.

3. Highlight the results and student success

Another great way to ensure your coaching and course programs stand out is to highlight student success. Share success stories and show your audience how your program could help them too!

One of the common mistakes course creators, freelancers, and coaches make is that they overly focus on their pricing. They fall into the trap of lowering their prices to encourage purchases. Instead, the better move is to show the target market how your course or coaching program helped your students. Ask previous students for testimonials and incorporate them in your social media posts, sales page, and other marketing materials. Make it your mission to always highlight results. This will do you wonders.

4. Offer bundle products

Not all course creators sell PDF files or audio materials but this is something worth trying. You may consider offering your video course in audio form or podcast and selling them as bundles. Or perhaps create PDFs and editable templates to add more value that will also complement your main course or coaching program. Offering bundle products will not only help make your programs stand out but will also push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to explore more creative ways to grow your business. And in a time when so many people want to create and sell services online, it’s important to always pursue a unique and authentic way of showcasing your services.

5. Break products into two or more parts

If you’re new and just Googling how to sell courses online, the results can be overwhelming. You don’t want to pass any feelings of being overwhelmed onto your students who are looking to learn either.

Consider breaking your course into two parts. This will allow your audience to really focus on what they want to learn and pay for just that. This will also give you more space and time to drill down and tackle the nuances of what you’re teaching in the course.

While courses are typically broken into sections, you’d want to make sure you’re offering the lessons in the simplest possible way. If this means breaking a big program into two separate courses that complement each other, that’s an idea worth considering. Not to mention it can bring in more profit. If the first part of your course is solid, your students will most likely purchase the next level of education.

The freedom of online products

Being a freelancer and creative entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. You’re building something from the ground up, and that is never easy. But the reason so many people are opting for this route rather is the fact that there is so much freedom when you’re a creative entrepreneur.

You can create an online course, market it effectively, and people will eventually keep enrolling even after the peaks of your marketing. You can offer one-on-one coaching, do awesome work on your business social media, and people will line up waiting for your next available time.

There will always be new creators. And there will always be new courses and coaches in your niche. But these are not threats. As long as your marketing strategy is solid and you’re always finding creative ways to separate your business from others, you will continue making sales.

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