24 fun & cool websites to cure boredom in 2023

24 fun & cool websites to cure boredom in 2023

When you have a break from creating content and find yourself feeling a little bored, having a list of websites to cure boredom on hand can be super useful. Sometimes you might even want to just take a break from the daily grind and check out something unrelated to work.

Feeling bored can be very useful for your creativity. When you’re bored, your mind and creativity recharge, making generating new ideas easier once you’re rested.

So, when you find yourself bored, instead of finding more work to occupy your time, why not check out some fun websites to help you cure your boredom and rest your mind?


Fun websites to visit

1. Wordle

Wordle rose to popularity in October 2021 when some people were still stuck at home as part of the COVID-19 pandemic and were looking for new ways to cure boredom. It’s an interactive game where you have to guess the word in 6 tries, and you can only play once a day.

The game allows you to track your progress and share it with your friends, making it much more fun.

2. Wizarding World

This website will be a dream come true for all Harry Potter fans! You can browse the website to find fun puzzles, crosswords, and quizzes to help you cure your boredom.

From getting sorted into the right Hogwarts house to testing your knowledge about each book, everyone will surely find something. Also, the website has so much more than fun games – you can also find useful information and news about the universe.

wizarding world

3. Giphy

Giphy is a super cool website with a huge collection of gifs from around the internet. If you love to use gifs on social media as part of your content with your audience or with students, you can find them on Giphy.  Find the best gifs to convey your moods and emotions so you can have them on hand when you need them.

What’s also amazing about Giphy is that it has a tool that allows you to create your own gifs! So, this might be the perfect activity when you want to rest your mind from creating your course material but still want to do something creative.


4. We Heart It

If you love scrolling through social media but get overwhelmed by the social aspect of it, then We Heart It is the perfect website for you. It’s a visual platform that allows you to scroll through beautiful pictures and curate your own collections.

When you need inspiration for your courses, social media, blog, or are just looking for a way to rest your mind, you can search for images on the platform and build your personal collections.

We Heart It

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is the ultimate platform for curating your life and creating vision boards. And nothing beats a Sunday afternoon on a sofa, with a hot beverage in hand, creating Boards for your dream life.

It’s also a perfect tool to help you grow your audience and get your course and coaching offering out there.


6. The Magic iPod

If music is the thing that helps you unwind and rest your mind, then you’ll love Magic iPod! It’s a website that allows you to become a DJ and mix some of the most famous songs together to create remixes.

It’s a very fun way to pass the time and giggle at the fun and unexpected ways some of your favorite songs sound when mashed into one.

The Magic Ipod

7. The Useless Web

When you feel like you want to waste time, there is no better time-wasting website than The Useless Web. When you enter the website and click the big pink button, it takes you to another page (which is always different, so you never know what you’ll get) that is useless in most cases but will definitely make you laugh.

The useless web

8. Gravity Points

Gravity Points will be right up your alley if you’re into science. It’s an online simulation that allows you to play around with gravity and how it works.

You can add gravity points on the screen and see how the particles move and change depending on the number of points and their location. It’s a great way to let your brain rest in between work.

Gravity Points

Cool websites to visit

9. Space

For astronomy nerds, Space is the perfect place to learn about the latest research and findings about our outer space. It’s a great website dedicated to fun, easy-to-consume education on everything related to space.

You can find articles, pictures, and videos to keep you entertained for hours when you want an escape from your everyday life.


10. Innovation Station

Innovations Station is one of the best websites to cure boredom because it has a massive library of innovation videos in almost every industry. You can search their topics and find a variety of videos on many topics, which allows you to easily get up to date on the latest innovations.

11. The Symphony of Blockchain

If you want to learn about the complex blockchain world, The Symphony of Blockchain is the perfect tool. The website has a super modern and sleek design with great navigation, and it offers an interactive experience to help you envision how blockchain works. It might even give you ideas for what kind of content to create for your own channels.

12. Virtual Piano

If you’ve always wanted to learn a piano but never had the opportunity, you’ll love Virtual Piano. It’s an online piano that can help you learn to play or simply have fun by watching how some famous songs are played on the piano.

They also have more instruments you can try, and if you’re serious about learning, this website can be a great start to getting familiar with different notes and instruments.

13. The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

This is the most fun way to create new passwords! When you enter the password, the website gives you hilarious commentary depending on how secure the password is. Password generation doesn’t have to be boring anymore – The Passive Aggressive Password Machine is here to ensure that.

the passive aggressive password machine

14. How Stuff Works

Do you know what the longest snake is in the world? Or how to effectively get markers out of your clothes? How Stuff Works is the website that will help you find answers to these questions and much more.

When you have a spare minute or when you just can’t seem to find something to keep your interest for long enough, browsing through this website can be a great way to cure your boredom.

How Stuff Works

Websites to go on when bored

15. JetPunk

The best way to pass the time when you’re bored is by doing quizzes. JetPunk has a wide selection of quizzes on various topics, so you will never run out of options.

Our recommendation – try one of the Brand Logo quizzes to test your knowledge!

Jet Punk

16. BuzzFeed Quizzes

If you’re more into pop-culture-related quizzes, then BuzzFeed is the place for you. It’s a super fun way to test your knowledge of your favorite movies and tv series and find new things about yourself, like who is your Hocus Pocus 2 personality twin. Breaks are important to preventing burnout so consider taking a fun quiz as a break, maybe you’ll get some ideas for quizzes of your own to make.

BuzzFeed Quizzes

17. SuperCook

While Pinterest is great for finding recipes you want to cook one day, SuperCook is a more real-life tool to help you utilize what you already have in your fridge.

Simply put the ingredients you have in your fridge and want to use up or ingredients you are craving, and this fun website will find a huge selection of recipes you can make from these ingredients. It’s perfect for weekly fridge clear-out!


18. Apartment Therapy

If you absolutely love DIY and interior design-related things, Apartment Therapy is a super cool website to browse when you have free time or are feeling bored.

Here you can find a selection of cool DIYs to try, apartment organization tips, and you can get a look at other people’s homes and how they style them. Apartment Therapy is a true heaven for Marie Condo fans!

Apartment therapy

19. Minecraft

One of the best things you can do on your computer when bored is to play a video game. Minecraft is one of the oldest and most popular games that you can play right in your browser.

It’s totally free, and you can play alone, or you can invite your friends and have virtual fun together.


20. What Should You Read Next?

There are so many good books out there, but it can be difficult to pick which one will be a perfect read for you! That’s where What Should You Read Next? comes in handy.

This website has a library of books in all genres. You can type in a book you’ve read and enjoyed, and it will offer you suggestions for similar books that you should enjoy as well.

It’s a great way to minimize decision fatigue when choosing your next read. And if you feel like it, you also have an option to browse quotes from books to maybe find one that sparks your interest. Maybe books about money are your jam or you’re looking for productivity tips. Whatever it is this website can help you find what’s right for you.

what should you read next

21. Rainy Mood

Rainy Moods is a website that has a rain ambiance sound. You can play it while you meditate or work to create a cozy environment. And if you’re just bored, play the rain sound while looking at their homepage, which is a soothing image of the rain.

rainy mood

22. Super Nintendo Emulator

One of the most fun websites on our list is Super Nintendo Emulator. It’s a video game platform that allows you to play old-school games in your browser without ads or other interruptions.

When boredom hits, choose a game and get transported right back to your childhood!

super nintendo emulator

23. A Good Movie To Watch

Have difficulties deciding on what tv show to watch? A Good Movie To Watch will help you pick the perfect movie or tv show! Their website only has the best-rated movies and shows (above 7/10 on IMDB), so you know that you’re only getting the best-quality suggestions.

a good movie to watch

24. Instant Street View

With Instant Street View, you can type in the address and see it in real time in Google Maps. It can be a great way to pass the time when you’re bored, thinking about your next vacation and where you want to go.

Or, if you’re looking to move to a new neighborhood or city, check what your potential new street would look like.

instant street view

After you cure your boredom

These websites can be great for curing your boredom. At the very least they can offer you a mental break from your regular work whether that be coming up with your online course idea or setting up your sales page. In the best case, they might even help you to come up with new ideas!

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