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Create unique, interactive quizzes in minutes—now on Teachable.

Engage meaningfully

Add value to your courses with AI-generated quizzes that will engage students while saving you time and effort.

High-quality quizzes in half the time

Generate questions and answers from your existing lessons—just follow these steps.

Step 1: Select your course

From your Admin page, select your course, and open the curriculum you’d like to create a quiz from.

Step 2: Choose the section

Note that the section needs to contain at least one text-based lesson.

Step 3: Click "AI Quiz"

Press the Generate button. Then you can edit, add or remove questions, and save it to your course.

Ready to work smarter?

Assess student learning and enhance your courses with help from AI.

Get results fast

Want to save time rather than writing and adding each question? Our quiz generator is here to help.

Get results fast
Your quiz, your way

Your quiz, your way

Have fun with it—you can also edit, add, and customize your quizzes however you want.


How exactly does it work?

It’s easy. The course curriculum generator incorporates AI directly into Teachable. From your course admin, enter your course title and select an author, check “Help me generate a course outline,” and enter a course description between 1–1,000 characters. Once the outline is generated, you’ll have the option to drop the outline directly into the curriculum builder and edit from there—or start again with a new course description.

What makes Teachable’s AI tool different?

We designed the course curriculum generator to help you work more effectively—that’s why it’s integrated into the platform. Your AI-generated course outline is uploaded into the curriculum builder so you can use it immediately.

Who can use this feature?

Anyone on any Teachable plan, including the free plan. (Is that not you? Join for free here.)

Why else should I join a free plan?

A free plan on Teachable allows you to start growing your business by selling online knowledge products—not just courses, but online coaching and digital downloads too. Get access to payment processing, course design templates, core student engagement tools, and more.