Here’s your ultimate course launch email calendar

Here’s your ultimate course launch email calendar
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You’re launching your course, here’s your ultimate launch email calendar for how to do it with the best email strategy behind you. It’s broken down into two phases, the education phase, and the sales phase. You’ll send emails, share other content like blogs or webinars, and get your potential students ready to buy your course.

The launch email calendar breaks down what to share and when to share it over the several weeks leading up to your course launch. By following this launch email strategy you’ll know that you set up your course for success as well as possible before your launch.

Take it from us, we know what’s worked well for creators and what makes for successful schools on Teachable. This launch email calendar is what we’ve learned works well for creators over the years to help our creators. Use it to help strategize and take some of the planning off your plate in the exciting lead-up to your launch.


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