Teachable Continues to Bet Big on AI With Two New Tools and Official AI Hub Launch

The announcement comes on the heels of Teachable’s App Hub release, an industry-leading marketplace for creators to discover and integrate third-party tools with Teachable

August 17, 2023

Teachable Continues to Bet Big on AI With Two New Tools and Official AI Hub Launch

Teachable's App Hub and AI Hub, which now houses the newly-launched AI Summary Generator and Subtitle & Translation Generator

Teachable, the no-code platform for creators who want to build more impactful businesses through courses, coaching, and downloadable content, today announced the launch of two new AI-powered tools, as well as its official AI Hub. The AI Hub houses Teachable’s growing suite of powerful AI features for creators, including the just-launched AI Summary Generator and Subtitle & Translation Generator.

“At Teachable, we view AI as a complement to creators’ lives and workflows, not a replacement. Our tools are designed to help creators tackle the sometimes tedious tasks that, while vital, don’t stoke their creative fire,” says Shelby Quinn, Vice President of Product at Teachable. “We are excited to be developing features that give time back to creators, so they can do more of what they love—from honing their skills and expertise further, collaborating with partners on new business ideas, better engaging with students, the list goes on. Today’s launches also speak to the powerful ways in which AI can help creators increase the accessibility of their content and products, as well as reach more audiences around the globe.”

Introducing the AI Summary Generator and Subtitle & Translation Generator

Teachable’s inaugural AI tools—the Curriculum and Quiz Generators—are hard at work helping creators kickstart their course design and deliver stronger student experiences. In fact, more than half of new Teachable creators use the Curriculum Generator, and hundreds of curriculums and quizzes are produced every day.

Launching today, Teachable’s Summary Generator automatically creates lesson and section summaries for creators within their course curriculum. This allows creators to easily provide a lesson overview or wrap-up to students, or even re-engage students with catch-up material to get them back on track. Plus, it helps them round out their course offering with greater speed, without compromising on the richness of the content.

Teachable’s new Subtitle & Translation Generator automatically populates subtitles and translations for course videos uploaded to the platform. No need for third-party tools, creators can now seamlessly reach a broader global audience, while also making their videos more accessible to more people. The Summary Generator is available to creators on all plan types and AI Subtitle & Translations is available on paid plans.

Teachable Now Has the Largest Number of Tracking and Analytics Apps in the Industry

Teachable’s new App Hub is an industry-leading marketplace of third-party apps to help creators better run their businesses, without compromising on the tools they already know and love. And that’s because every creator’s tech stack looks different depending on their business stage, niche, and needs. From email marketing and sales tools to site design and learning experience enhancements, the Teachable App Hub houses it all. Now a one-stop-shop, creators can seamlessly integrate various apps into their existing workflows, plus plug in new best-in-class apps that simplify and enhance their business operations.

“We see Teachable as a powerful connector, not a walled garden,” says Quinn. “Our industry is unique in serving creators who are growing and running such diverse brands and businesses. From YouTubers using courses to go deeper with their audiences to small business owners digitizing and scaling their offering for the first time, every creator operates a bit differently from the next. Rooted in the very best student experience and e-commerce tools, we know what we do best at Teachable. That’s why it’s so impactful to make it easy for creators to plug in other best-in-class tools and build a tech stack that’s hyper-tailored to their needs.”

Featured apps include:

  • ConvertKit, AWeber, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign for creators’ email marketing needs
  • Hotjar, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager for powerful tracking and analytics
  • Sumo, TikTok Pixel, Pinterest Ads, and Stripe to help boost creator earning potential
  • Calendly, Zapier, and Segment.i for streamlining business operations
  • Wobo and DropInBlog for customizing the student learning experience and creators’ schools

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