2023 Saw 30+ New Product Features from Teachable as Its Footprint Expands Far Beyond Courses for Education Creator

December 13, 2023

2023 Saw 30+ New Product Features from Teachable as Its Footprint Expands Far Beyond Courses for Education Creator

2023 was a milestone year for Teachable and its creators. Set against a growing industry, both financially and in cultural impact, Teachable rolled out more than 30 products and tools for creators. This wave of innovations propelled the company into its newest chapter, characterized by a growing product footprint that extends well beyond traditional courses.

Fueled by the proliferation of AI, increased creator demands for reliable pay, plus the renewed desire for genuine online connection and community, the last year was marked by rapid ideation and expansion for Teachable and education-creators alike.

As the company gears up for another explosive year for the creator economy, read on for highlights from the last twelve months at Teachable.


🔁 Memberships

As more creators look to build lasting businesses, free from unreliable payouts or reliance on other platforms and companies, income sustainability is an absolute necessity. Teachable’s Memberships product makes it possible for creators to house any combination of their digital content, products, and perks within customizable subscription tiers.

🤖 AI Hub

No doubt here to stay, AI is now a key tool for creators as they brainstorm and get to work on new ideas and content. Teachable’s AI Hub houses six powerful tools: the Curriculum Generator, Quiz Generator, Summary Generator, Subtitle & Translation Generator, Lesson Writing Assistant, and Course Starter.

🔌 App Hub

As business owners, creators rely on a number of tools to keep their operations running smoothly. From email marketing and sales tools to site design and learning experience enhancements, the Teachable App Hub houses it all. New to the Hub this year are Google Analytics 4, AWeber, Hotjar, TikTok Pixel, Pinterest Ads, Calendly, and many more.

🎁 Gifting

On the heels of a huge Black Friday for creators, and amid the frenzy of holiday shopping season, Teachable’s checkout pages now enable anyone to send creator products as gifts. Creators can customize the gift recipient email, and recipients get a personalized note from the purchaser, along with an invite to access their gift.

💳 Buy Now, Pay Later

A wide array of payment options for students at checkout helps creators increase their product sales and scale. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) meets this creator need, while also making larger purchases more accessible to students.

🛒 Abandoned Cart

Sometimes purchasers are about to hit buy, but get cold feet. Teachable’s Abandoned Cart tool makes it easy to re-engage those customers and easily add a school-wide coupon to entice customers to complete a purchase. With unique customization, data access, and built-in tooling, Teachable creators have recovered more than 20,000 orders to date.

📣 Creator Referrals

A highly-requested feature, Creator Referrals leverages the power of strong creator networks by rewarding existing Teachable creators with a $10 credit each time they invite new creators who subscribe to Teachable—with new creators also receiving a $10 credit.

💸 Suite of ecommerce enhancements

Teachable is known for its industry-best ecommerce tools, and they got even better in 2023. In addition to BNPL, Cart Abandonment, and Creator Referrals, the last year brought improvements to the platform’s Upsells feature, plus Coupon Urgency Drivers, Enrollment Caps, Student Receipts, and more.

🎨 Enhanced course creation tools

In tandem with new AI tools, content creation on Teachable is now easier and more seamless thanks to major upgrades to the Curriculum Editor, Lesson Editor, and Lesson Blocks. Plus, creators can now easily embed videos and other third-party tools, like Typeform or Google Docs, within their curriculum, and utilize Drip functionality to release curriculum sections on a set schedule.

📁 Digital Download upgrades

Now with more file types and sizes for increased flexibility, plus integration with teachable:pay’s tax handling and ecommerce tools, selling Downloads is a breeze.

For a deeper look at Teachable’s 2023, head here.

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