Teachable Creators Thrive on Black Friday 2023 as Consumer Demand for Creator Products Continues to Grow

The company reports 16% growth in total creator sales compared to last year

November 30, 2023

Teachable Creators Thrive on Black Friday 2023 as Consumer Demand for Creator Products Continues to Grow

On the heels of Black Friday, Teachable is sharing the significant gains made by its creators during the busiest selling period of the year. Not only did overall creator sales outperform those of 2022, but there was also a notable upward trend in sales for Teachable's newer products, Digital Downloads and Memberships. This success speaks to Teachable creators’ continued business expansion on the platform, now offering their audiences a diverse range of products to meet unique student needs.

2023 Black Friday Highlights:

  • Teachable creators boosted their total sales by 16% from the previous year.
  • Creators saw a 14% uptick in the average order value (AOV) compared to last year.
  • Digital Downloads sales spiked, more than doubling on Black Friday compared to the average sales of the previous month.
  • Teachable's new Memberships feature gained traction, with around 10 times more Memberships sold on Black Friday compared to an average day last month.

“This year’s Black Friday period was an exciting success for our creators, a testament to the continued growth and demand for creator learning products,” says Mark Haseltine, Teachable CEO. “And it’s no question that education creators continue to represent a massive opportunity within the broader creator ecosystem, with 95% of consumers saying they’ve learned something new from a creator, according to a recent Teachable report.”

The same report reveals that approximately 40% of consumers prioritize price and a genuine desire to support their favorite creators as top decision factors when buying from a creator. "This season's results align perfectly with this trend. As creators deepen connections with their audiences, Black Friday becomes a key opportunity to make their products more affordable for a limited time, setting them up for success throughout the year," he adds. “Plus, with new product additions to the Teachable platform, namely Digital Downloads and Memberships, creators now have more flexible and customizable ways to deliver value to their audiences.”

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