Teachable Officially Expands Into Creator Subscriptions With Launch of Memberships

New offering further tackles creators’ need for reliable income, plus more ways to tailor their content and products to specific audiences

October 2, 2023

Teachable Officially Expands Into Creator Subscriptions With Launch of Memberships

Easily set and change subscription tier price(s), while also giving students the ability to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a membership at any time

Teachable, the platform creators trust to diversify their digital offering and grow lasting businesses, today announced the launch of its subscription-based Memberships product. Memberships make it possible for creators to house any combination of their digital content, products, and perks within subscription tiers—a proven method for increasing earnings and building sustainable income.

With Memberships, Teachable creators can easily set and change their subscription tier price(s), while also giving students the ability to upgrade, downgrade, and cancel a membership at any time. What’s more, creators can select the currency they prefer to transact in for a given tier, and have access to robust Membership management tools to monitor insights and success.

“Our research shows that creators are increasingly looking for reliability when it comes to their earnings. When they have dependable, recurring income, they can devote a greater portion of their efforts to enriching their students' lives and attaining a genuine work-life balance—as both creatives and business owners. Memberships meet this growing need head on,” says Mark Haseltine, General Manager at Teachable.

The addition of Memberships to Teachable’s existing suite of products—including Courses, Coaching, Downloadables and, now in beta, Community—reflects a new era for the company. Education now represents the largest category by revenue within the broader creator industry,1 and Teachable is delivering a full breadth of customizable products, far beyond courses, that prioritize control, scalability, and connection.

Memberships also unlock countless new opportunities for Teachable creators, especially in how they think about content access and release strategy. Beyond bundling their existing products into a given subscription, creators can also use Memberships to offer exclusive monthly content—think podcast episodes, audiobook chapters, video series, and more. And, coming very soon, creators will be able to sell access to their Teachable Community as part of a Membership tier.

Today’s launch also reflects how Teachable creators continue to evolve and scale in their own right. “Our creators are quickly expanding their digital offerings. As their footprints grow, so too do their audiences. From brand-new fans to seasoned followers, Memberships allow creators to easily bundle and tailor content for students at different levels,” adds Haseltine. “We’ve also found that subscription products increase student lifetime value by roughly 45%, making Memberships a foolproof way for creators to bring in consistent income they can count on, while even better engaging students with a more personalized offering.”

Memberships are available on all paid Teachable plans. For Pro, Pro+, and Business plan creators, Memberships come with an unlimited number of tiers and members.

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To experience the power of the platform and learn more about Memberships, visit teachable.com/memberships.

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