Teachable’s Public API Is Here

New offering cements Teachable as leading creator platform for best-in-class learning experiences, with the tools needed to successfully support creators as they grow

March 2, 2022

Teachable’s Public API Is Here

Teachable, the go-to platform for creators to turn their knowledge into scalable businesses, today announced the launch of its public application programming interface (API). With Teachable’s API, creators can confidently integrate and connect the tools that help them best run their businesses. The new offering grants creators even more flexibility as they advance on their course creation journey and think about new ways to scale.

“Today, creators use Teachable for its best-in-class course creation and delivery experience. As they grow, they’re likely to use several external platforms to accomplish new business needs. Our goal is to make sure they have the freedom to access and integrate with those best-in-breed solutions via our API,” said Mark Haseltine, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Teachable. “This launch is a natural extension of our founding belief in creator autonomy. We are always looking to make it even easier for our creators to scale in the ways that work best for them.”

Core functionality of Teachable’s public API includes:

  • Data sharing — Creators can now easily integrate their data with various tools that help them manage and grow their businesses. For example, they can connect with their preferred sales tracking tool to clearly see the impact of their Teachable courses within their broader business ecosystem.
  • Workflow automation — Creators can reduce manual work and deliver a more seamless experience for their students by automating tasks. For example, they can connect their preferred email marketing tool and automate student communications, or automate the process of enrolling students in their courses.
  • Custom apps — Creators can work with a developer to set up a custom app. This allows them to easily display their Teachable school and courses on their own custom websites — and any updates to their courses will automatically update wherever else it is embedded.

The API further solidifies Teachable as a creator-first platform. As creators learn more about scaling their businesses, as well as the changing needs of their students, it’s imperative they maintain choice over what tools will best service their growth. Unlocking this type of flexibility better allows Teachable to grow with creators as they advance on their business journeys.

“We’re launching our public API because we believe in creator control — it’s that simple,” continued Haseltine. “In the last year, we’ve seen a significant growth in Teachable creators earning a healthy, full-time income on our platform. We’re confident this launch only deepens our ability to enable creators of all walks of life to turn their knowledge and passions into a sustainable career.”

Teachable’s public API is available for creators on Pro and Business plans. More information about the API can be found in Teachable’s documentation hub. Interested creators can also register to attend an introductory webinar on Thursday, June 9, where they’ll learn more about what an API is and how to use it with their course or coaching business. For additional details on Teachable’s plans, visit teachable.com/pricing.

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