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Students who believe that they should not be charged tax must provide Teachable with a valid tax/identification number, a valid tax ID/tax certificate or other documentary proof issued by an appropriate taxing authority confirming that Teachable should not charge tax to the Student in accordance with the applicable tax laws. Please note that in such event tax laws may require the Student to report and remit tax itself to its tax authority ('reverse charge').


Creators who believe that their content (course) should be exempt from tax, should provide Teachable with a signed affidavit. The affidavit should include the following:

  • The full name and address of the Creator (school).

  • The Creator's (school's) tax ID (EIN or SSN);

  • Attached to the affidavit: recent proof of the validity of that tax ID (e.g. copy of a recent communication / letter from the tax authorities).

  • Name and description of the course(s) that the Creator believes to be exempt. Explanation as to why the course(s) should be exempt from tax.

  • Attached to the affidavit, where available: a (duly translated) copy of correspondence with tax authorities confirming that a course can be exempt from tax.

  • A confirmation as to whether the requested exemption should apply for all courses (published or unpublished).

  • Countries in which the purchase of the course should be exempt. Names of the course(s) that should not be exempt.

  • A statement from the Creator that if the course is found to be taxable by tax authorities while an exemption was applied, the Creator will indemnify Teachable for any tax assessments imposed by tax authorities, including penalties, fines, and late interest charges.

  • The signature of the Creator or of the school represented by the Creator.

Please note that generally the tax laws of the countries where Students reside determine if a course can be exempt from tax. Therefore, the fact that a course is exempt from tax in the Creator's country of residence does not necessarily mean that the course is also exempt from tax in the countries where the Students reside. Only once Teachable has reviewed and approved, Teachable will make the course exempt for countries where an exemption can be applied.

If a Creator creates new courses after providing the affidavit to Teachable, it is the Creator's responsibility to notify the Teachable tax department via email at [email protected] and to request a tax exemption for the new courses as well.

If Students have been charged tax, Student receipts (order ID and tax amount shown) should be provided to the Teachable tax department via [email protected] The tax department will subsequently review whether it is possible to credit the tax.

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