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Manage all those business-building responsibilities more easily than ever before with the AI Hub from Teachable.

<h1>Your business, accelerated with AI</h1>

The AI Hub is designed to drive efficiency while you stay in control of your brand and your business. These tools are integrated directly into your Teachable school for a seamless experience.

Not sure what to include in your course, or need help structuring it? Create an outline in seconds by inputting a brief description into the curriculum generator.

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Quizzes are a proven way to boost student engagement—and now you can produce them faster than ever using our quiz generator. 

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Give students the abridged version of your course with automatically generated content summaries of lessons and sections.

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No more costly third-party subtitle services. Now you can save time and money by creating subtitles automatically when you upload a video on Teachable.

(Note: for Basic plans and up)

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Sometimes the hardest part of writing is getting started. Get help writing your lesson content with an AI assistant built into the text block.

<p>AI Lesson Writing Assistant</p>

AI is re-shaping the way creators work. Check out these resources for using AI in your day-to-day.

Get time back and focus on what you love about your business—with the AI Hub.

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