Smarter email marketing with AWeber

Join a Teachable Pro or Business plan and get a 20% off lifetime discount on AWeber. Create and send emails that reach your students’ inboxes—not their spam folders.

Why connect your school with AWeber?

Simplify your email marketing with automations, grow your list, and keep students engaged with our AWeber integration. Now, you can connect your Teachable school directly to their easy-to-use, industry-leading platform.

Why connect your school with AWeber?

Higher open rates, clicks, and sales

AWeber's flexible features make it easy to grow and engage your audience.


With Aweber’s range of templates, you can save time and send engaging emails that will capture your audience’s attention.


Put your emails on autopilot with automated welcome, confirmation, and other student-focused emails.


By connecting your school directly to Aweber, you can streamline your email marketing and keep your data in one centralized place.

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I can’t imagine a business without email marketing. And if you don’t have a newsletter or some kind of free content to offer your list, people may leave or find valuable content elsewhere. I think that’s such a disservice when a business doesn’t have an email newsletter list.”

—Maria Garcia, Founder of

Join Pro and unlock unlimited workflows

Join Pro and unlock unlimited workflows

Email workflows help convert leads into paying customers based on where they’re at in their sales journey. Strengthen your email marketing strategy and get unlimited workflows on AWeber when you go Pro.

Or join our Basic plan to unlock one workflow

Your questions, answered

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to build an audience and grow your business. By increasing your visibility to new and existing customers, you can achieve higher sales and traffic to your school.

Who is this offer for?

The 20% lifetime discount on AWeber is available for all Teachable paid subscribers who utilize Teachable's AWeber integration. Teachable subscribers on a Pro or Business plan will receive 20% off AWeber's Pro plan plus unlimited AWeber workflows.  Teachable Basic plan subscribers receive 20% off AWeber's Pro plan plus one free workflow on AWeber.

Can I get a discount for AWeber if I’m on the Basic plan?

We currently offer just one AWeber workflow integration on the Basic plan. If you are using this integration, then you can also get 20% off.

What other Teachable features do I get when I join Pro?

When you join a Pro plan, you’ll get even more flexibility, customizable features, and access to personalized support on Teachable. Get 0% transaction fees on Teachable payment gateways, unlimited courses, and weekly, live group coaching with our customer support team—all on Pro.

Save 20% on AWeber plans—for life