Teachable Creator Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Last updated 04/18/2023

These terms and conditions (“Referral Program Terms”) govern Teachable’s creator referral program (“Program”) for all participants. All capitalizations herein either refer to defined terms herein or defined terms in Teachable’s Terms of Use.  In order to participate in the Program, You must also agree and abide by these Referral Program Terms, Teachable’s Terms of Use, and all applicable laws. Failure to abide by these Referral Program Terms or Teachable’s Terms of Use shall disqualify You from the Program or any future participation in the Program, both of which shall be determined in Teachable’s sole discretion. 


In order to be eligible to participate in the Program, You must abide by the following terms. You must be a Creator with an existing school on the Platform. You must be subscribed to one of Teachable’s subscription plans. You may only refer individuals who do not currently own a school on the Platform.  Individuals who already have a school on the Platform are ineligible to be referred through the Program.  You may refer existing Students on the Platform through the Program, unless such Students are also Creators on the Platform, in which case such Students are not eligible to be referred through the Program. Teachable may, in its sole discretion, determine whether any individual is eligible to participate in the Program, either as a referrer or as a referee.


You may make referrals by sharing Your unique referral link found in Your school account settings (“Link”).  You may make referrals by sharing Your Link with other eligible individuals with whom You have some form of relationship, whether in person or online, and who You reasonably believe would benefit from creating a school on the Platform.  You may not share Your Link with individuals with whom You have no relationship, including, without limitation, publishing Your Link on referral exchanges or engaging in any other form of spamming.  When an individual uses Your Link and registers for a school on the Platform, such individual will receive a participation reward. When an individual that You referred through Your Link becomes a paid subscriber on the Platform, You will be granted a participation reward within sixty (60) days thereafter. Teachable may modify such time period for participation rewards at any time and in Teachable’s sole discretion.


The reward for participating in the Program is credit valued at Twenty Five US Dollars (US$25) for each valid referral available to be credited towards Your Teachable subscription plan.  You may redeem a maximum of Five Hundred US Dollars (US$500) worth of credit for Your participation in the Program.  Any referrals who become paid subscribers after You have redeemed credits in the amount of Five Hundred US Dollars (US$500) will not count towards additional credit towards Your school subscription. Such credit is non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and has no cash value. Teachable will automatically apply the credit towards Your school subscription invoices. Teachable may, in its sole discretion, assign, revoke, or change the amount or type of credit rewarded to Your school account. Referral rewards do not count for referrals that may have been made prior to the launch of the Program.

General Terms

Teachable reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Program at any time, for any reason, without notice or liability to any Creators or third parties. Any changes to the Referral Program Terms will be in effect as of the "Last Updated Date" referenced above. Your continued participation in the Program after the "Last Updated Date" referenced above will constitute Your acceptance of and agreement to such changes. You shall not post Links on coupon websites, use Your Link to create fake accounts, spam any inboxes with invitations to use Your Link, or misrepresent your relationship with Teachable.  Teachable reserves the right to terminate a user’s involvement in the Program, in Teachable’s sole discretion, if Teachable suspects that there is some abuse of the Program. Teachable is not responsible for any errors or delays in providing reward credits.  Teachable is not liable for any damages or harm that occurs due to participation in the Program.  YOU EXPRESSLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT: (A) YOUR USE OF THE PROGRAM IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK; THE PROGRAM IS PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" BASIS AND TEACHABLE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED BY STATUTE, COMMON LAW OR CUSTOM.  This Program is void where prohibited by law.