Teachable rewards

Celebrate milestones.

You deserve more than a pat on the back. Welcome to teachable:rewards—a program built to recognize your success with members-only perks, events, and more.

Rewarding you with

Your annual sales unlock doors. From opportunities to engage with your peers at exclusive events to private group chats and chances to collaborate with Teachable, your yearly sales on Teachable make you a VIP.

Up to $100k


  • Join your Teachable peers in teachable:hq, a members-only space to share successes and get real-world advice.
  • Get direct access to the Teachable team—and stay up to date on the latest features and platform improvements.



  • Enjoy a private teachable:insiders Slack group to connect with some of the most successful creators on the platform.
  • Get invited to teachable:talks—a curated speaker series where experts share ideas and strategies to help you grow your business.

Top 100


  • Honored and officially recognized as a Top 100 creator on Teachable.
  • Exclusive conversations with fellow top creators and senior leadership from Teachable.

Celebrating your

Your achievements deserve recognition. We’ll track your all-time sales on Teachable and you’ll earn perks as you grow.

Teachable Rewards level one: $1K to $50K


We are your biggest fans—and we’ll send celebratory notifications to your inbox to let you know as you level up.

Teachable Rewards $100k-$500k tier


What’s more celebratory than swag? The higher you climb, the better the gifts.

Teachable Rewards level three: $1 million plus


Achieving over one million dollars in sales means two things. One, you are a teachable:legend. Two, you get a trophy as elite as you are.


From gaining your very first customer to hitting six or seven figures, each one of your sales represents the impact you have on your audience. Now with teachable:rewards, we’ve created a way to celebrate (and grow) that impact—with a two-tiered program that rewards year’s success and your lifetime achievements on Teachable.

Eligibility and Timelines

  • In order to earn teachable:rewards status, you need to be on a paid plan and using one of Teachable’s payment gateways (teachable:pay or monthly payment gateway) as your checkout method.
  • Annual status is based on the previous calendar year's sales, and will typically be communicated in the beginning of each calendar year.
  • Lifetime milestones will be communicated and issued beginning Spring 2024.


How do I join teachable:rewards?

All Teachable users who are subscribed to a paid plan and using teachable:pay for their transactions are automatically enrolled in teachable:rewards.

How do I know my lifetime milestone level?

We will send you an initial email notifying you of your current lifetime level. Then we’ll send another email every time you hit a new milestone after that.

How do I know my annual status?

We will send you an email each year with your annual status (based on your previous year’s total sales).

When can I expect to receive my lifetime milestone gifts?

Starting in Spring 2024, each time you hit a new lifetime milestone with a physical gift attached to it, you can expect to receive the gift within 60 days of receiving your milestone email notification.

Does my annual status restart?

Yes, your annual status is only based off the previous year’s sales and resets every single year.

What can I do to reach the next milestone or gain a higher annual status?

The more you sell, the more you get—and we have a lot of resources to help you grow. Take advantage of teachable:hq for helpful advice from your peers on how to grow your business. You can also tap into an array of articles on the marketing section of our blog.

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