How to be an online personal trainer or fitness coach with Teachable

Want to know how to become an online personal trainer? Need a platform to bring your training services online? Teachable makes it easier than ever. Launch online fitness coaching courses and become a digital personal trainer with Teachable. Our platform lets you create a sales page, schedule coaching sessions, collect payments, and so much more—all in one place.

Share what you know with online personal training.

In today’s hybrid world, people are looking for fitness solutions that go beyond their local gym or fitness apps. The demand for personalized fitness advice and training is growing and you can benefit by offering online courses. Teachable is here to help.

Online personal training is a great way to diversify your earnings from home—no gym or studio space required. Whether your specialty is weight training, HIIT training, personalized fitness training, or boot camp, you can translate your expertise into online courses and one-on-one coaching services. Have a proven training method? Turn it into a self-paced course so students can work out on their own time. Looking to offer personalized sessions? Try our coaching product—you can set milestones, collect payments, and schedule live sessions all inside Teachable.

On Teachable, creating your online personal training business doesn’t require custom code and in-depth tech knowledge. Plus, you can make your lessons available to more students and clients than ever before—an unlimited number of students from anywhere in the world, in fact.

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"Teachable has been crucial in helping us serve more people and have a greater impact."

Barry Ennis and Shay Kostabi: Fitness Career Mastery

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Share what you know in three simple steps


Create your online personal training product

Get started on a free plan with just your email and the name of your school. (No credit card needed.)


Seamlessly upload your content

Access everything you need to build rich, interactive lectures. Upload videos, audio, presentations, images, and text. Create quizzes and certificates.


Make your online fitness training beautiful

Customize your website with your own unique branding. Tailor the look and feel of your school to make it your own—no coding skills required.


How do you teach art virtually?

First, you will want to get clear about what exactly you’re teaching and who you’re teaching to. Get really specific about the type of art you want to teach and tailor it to a niche of students, for instance acrylic pouring, foundations of oil painting, or watercolor techniques. To teach virtually, you will need to create some form of content—generally videos and supplemental materials, such as worksheets, presentations, etc. for your students. When creating content, it’s a good idea to consider the logistics of your online class such as filming in a place with good lighting, promoting it on social media, etc.

With Teachable’s powerful yet easy to use platform, you can easily upload your content and customize your web page. You also have the freedom to create your sales page, collect payments from students, schedule coaching sessions, and teach art online your way. Find out how to create an online course, and start teaching art today for free.

Can you make money teaching art online?

Teaching art lessons online is a great way to share your gifts with the world—while earning income doing what you love. With Teachable, you can charge money and collect payment for your online courses. We even make it easier to handle the business side of things with Teachable Payments.

Thanks to our native payment gateway, we can take some of the responsibility of running a business off your shoulders. From streamlining the US sales tax and EU VAT process to helping support you with chargebacks and risk detection, Teachable Payments is our solution to making your course creation process seamless, so you can get back to doing what you love most—teaching art. Learn more about setting your prices and marketing your course.

Can I teach art online without a degree?

With Teachable, you can start right where you’re at. You don’t need a degree; all you need to start teaching beginner art classes is a willingness to share your wisdom and knowledge with others. The only expertise you need is your own.

You don’t need to know how to code a custom website or have highly technical marketing or accounting skills. Once you’ve narrowed down exactly what you’d like to teach, we’ll help you set up your course and find the right students for you.

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